Modern fuchsia earrings for a bride

- diy

Here is a pair of custom-made earrings for a young and sporty modern woman. These fuchsia earrings are for a friend of a friend (I’ve never met her) and they are designed to match the dress that she wore at the brunch the day after her wedding. I knew the dress was black with fuchsia lacing. Creating these earrings spurred a long and passionate discussion with my friend (also a big fan of earrings!), who wanted to surprise the bride. Her friend was so delighted to have unique custom-made earrings that matched her dress the day after the wedding that I made other earrings for her!

I find it particularly fun to design jewelry for a beautiful occasion, such as a wedding, even if it is for someone I’ve never met! I also made a set of matching necklace and earrings for a friend for a similar occasion with arum lilies. Pleasing others is also a pleasure for me!